Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s press conference regarding the new coronavirus.


Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s press conference regarding the new coronavirus.

Report: Muhammad Amir Siddique
Vienna Austria.
(Saturday, November 14)

Austria faces severe lockdown Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Saturday that Austria would be locked up for three weeks on November 17 to stem the spread of coronavirus infection. There will be a lockdown from November 17, 2020 to December 6, 2020.
Due to the rapidly rising infection rates in Covid 19 in Austria, the government is likely to impose a severe lockdown early next week. The new restrictions include closing schools and kindergartens, as well as closing all stores that do not provide basic necessities. Details were announced today. Coronavirus
Details of the new measures were announced today. For the next two and a half weeks and until December 6, there will be a second and third complete lockdown in Austria, like in Bihar. What about curfews, liaison, shopping, hospitals and health services, sports, professional activities, body services, education, schools and kindergartens? Karz called the measures “extremely drastic” but said “this is the only way we can save our health system from being overwhelmed.”
Can’t get out without it. Restrictions on getting out of Mars because the number of corona viruses is increasing in Austria. To avoid overloading hospitals, external restrictions will apply from Tuesday, November 17, 2020 to Sunday, December 6, 2020 – which will last 24 hours. All people During this time you can only leave your own home for the following reasons: Protecting life, limbs and property from danger Taking care of relatives and people who need the basic necessities of life. A person who lives alone Can meet the need. They can also help with basic care (such as grocery shopping) with close relatives or individual key reference persons. Animal care can involve physical and psychological rehabilitation through poor management channels or court appointments. Unnecessary shops and hairdressers will be closed. Schools for underage students will only be open to children in need of childcare. Secondary schools are already using distance education.


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