16 JULY 2020
in Austria Vienna House of sports.
REPORT: Muhammad Amir Siddique.
Fun, collaborative, healthy and relatively inexpensive, sport was also an immensely powerful tool for social development and the development of values, be it in wealthy nations, or impoverished or conflict countries, correspondents were told at a press conference.
Speaking to the press about this meeting of the Cultural association Phuenthai on Sport for Development and Peace were: President Mag Sophida Chanvichai; Martin Apolen secretary, Somkid Hameseder- Vice President; Karl Grabmüller board member, Kantiya Becker board member,Sponsors: Stefan Pfeiffer (Winemaker & Owner- the Fabulous Winery);Garry Howard-Sanger , Peter Elteto- Hungary and Miss Burgenland Miriam Millonig. The briefing was moderated by President Mag Sophida Chanvichai Cultural association Phuenthai ,Vienna House of sports on cultural and Sport for Development and Peace.
The International Working Group Cultural association Phuenthai on Sport for Development and Peace to work on combining sport and play programmes with developmental policy worldwide. Participants of meeting included athletes, government leaders and sports federations.
Mag Sophida Chanvichai stressed the importance of the government leaders and sports federations putting emphasis on sports, which should be used as a vital tool for development. Cultural and Sports needed to be mainstreamed for development and peace. In her country Thailand, children took sports very seriously, and they participated in sports activities, wherever there was equipment or a sports Clubs. Much could be achieved through the use of sports for the development of nations. The importance of sports for development was clear from some of the programmes initiated around the world, which needed to be institutionalized. It was necessary to coordinate international efforts in that regard, and the our Cultural association Phuenthai should play an important role in promoting such coordination.
Martin Apolen secretary shared at the top of the work programme agenda are the Austria Work Plan for Culture 4 projects for the year 2020/21 presented.Then we have Muay Thai through M-ONE Lumpinee Academy Europe informed.The first project “Thai Night” will take place on August 29, 2020, in the Babu Club instead of.The program includes the following items: a fashion show, Thai street Food, Thai classic dance, Thai boxing show.For September there is a Thai festival 2020 at the Vienna Danube Canal planned.The next project will focus on Thai culture Movie. In October the premiere of the Thai-Austria film takes place in Bangkok instead. It is the third season of a cult series.For the beginning of May 2020, a Thailand-Austria run is 10 km long.Wiener Donainsel planned to bring our two countries closer.Before, during and after the run, all followers and can also refresh spectators at Thai – Wiener “Standln”.Lumpinee Academy Europe After several years of preparations, negotiations and a hard one Work we can tell you that M-ONE Lumpinee Academy Bangkok has expanded to Europe. Mr. Martin Apolen has the license and approval at the same time M-ONE Lumpinee Academy Europe. In Connection and cooperative cooperation with Ms. President Sophida Chanvichai joined Lumpinee Academy Europa on July 8th Established in Vienna in 2020. That day we have an official one Opening ceremony celebrated in Vienna with live broadcast and Telebrücke Bangkok – Wien supported and officially welcomed by MrPresident M-ONE Lumpinee Academy Muay Thai and Vice President World Muay Thai Association Mr. Pratan.The Europa Center M-ONE Lumpinee Academy Europa is in Vienna Fleischmarkt 16 in the old town under Mr. Apolen.Another cultural support for Thailand, this time towards cultural and Sport, we succeeded.Participants of the confrence were here to listen and share ideas.

President Mag Sophida Chanvichai Thank the participants for presenting, and the media for attending press confrence Cultural association Phuenthai.
Finally, Martin Apolen secretary of the Cultural association Phuenthai invited the peoples for refreshments.


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